Monday, January 02, 2017

Think football. Well, at least ffor another few weekends. I gorged. I over indulged. I actually got sick of football and went for a walk. A long one.

When I returned I turned on the TV to  .  . . football.

Last year, the agency took action against one in about every 200 officers employed in the state. In one case, an officer issued a traffic ticket but then took it back after the offender contacted his wife about an affair the officer was having. In another, a sheriff was convicted of distributing methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of a school. Other problems that could lead to revoked law enforcement license include showing up to work drunk or a conviction for arson.

The headlines for that quote are:  Kansas agency increases number of revoked officer licenses

Given several years of observing the local department I’m ready to subscribe to almost not enough are de-certified.

My Redskins blew it. No trophy of any kind. Bummer.

Most of the teams I wanted to win, didn’t. Which,, if one thinks about it, is a good thing. If one bet on sport, figure out who you like and would like to see win, then bet on the other team.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Darndest thing happened on the way to 2017 – we made the year of 2016. Congratulations.

I wasn’t sure we would.


Not at all.

dra-mama is showing his true self. Of course, he has been all along. We’ve just been ignoring him. Trump can no longer. I hope we have chosen well. The burden of that office seems to be getting heavier.

Locally, our fight with the State over water has been getting out of hand. It is no longer just with a department of the State, but has escalated to the State legislature and seems destined to make the federal level.

Our town council is going to lose the fight if they don’t pay attention. The local paper is running articles for the State department. We’ve  lost that initiative. The week after I talked with a council member about getting the public involved through the media. Sad to say the department beat us to the news and their view is out there  well  before the village could even have a shot.

The village is depending on the politicians to carry the fight AFTER the first of the year. When the village backers are installed in office.

Too late, I feel.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It is another early summer day.

It is.


Dog had rather be lying in the sun than on his soft bed – which I’ve recently washed and which smells all Freebreezy and stuff.


This isn’t the dopers alarm rooster, but a generally good facsimile of what produces the loud noises at three in the mornings.

It gives me day dreams of crock pots or roasting pans.

Dog and I had some fun with the dopers last night. Pity they don’t understand. I ignore them usually during the foot ball game and the College Bowl Games ran rather late last night.

Very late.

Army won their bowl game. The other two military schools play later this week. All of which reminds me (After suffering Kerry’s bull shit performance) that the bowl games will continue soon on ESPN.

I’ve been thinking of getting the ESPN App. My eye sight is terrible for color anymore and maybe a smaller screen will concentrate enough to bring some off it back.

If I forget, have a Happy New Year. Wish for what you believe is impossible but desirable, and then strive to get there.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Holiday mischief

The elf on the shelf hasn’t talked, Hasn’t told me a darned thing.

No matter. The master elf took his deer away without cleaning the roof anyhow.

Renter brought over some beans and cornbread. Love the stuff. Even better was the fudge his mother sent over. Merciful Heaven’s that was good stuff. She also included some peppermint fudge That wasn’t quit as satisfying as the chocolate fudge.

Anyhow, the day came, endured, and went with little incident. The football games were long awaited and eagerly consumed by my watchful eye. I was not impressed by a three hundred man throwing a pass – but I was very impressed by his levitating himself  as high as he did while throwing that ball.

Totally impressive.

Spring weeather yesterday. It is turning into another like it today.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Saturday, December 24. 2016

The strangest thing about watching the clock wind about the dial,  in the wee small hours off the dark, is the lack of voice’s and noise.

And each night has its own character, its own weather, and its own thoughts.

Tonight is qiet. With exceptions: I rose at three, Dog  waiting by the table as I fumble into  sweats and shoes and we head for the back door – without lights, for after all my eyes are accustom to the darkness.

Dog get to pee on the tree near the patio and I get to smile when I hear the druggies alarms they have aimed at my back door go off around the very quiet village. Early tonight, before bed time, it was  dogs barking in two locations and roosters crowing in one.

This night when I let dog out, I knowingly stepped out onto the patio to set off the alarms and heard dogs barking in three locations about he village. This morning at three I stepped out again and only one dog barked (the loudest voice of them all. It belongs, I believe, to my near neighbor. He claims he has good hearing.)

Twenty minutes later I stepped out and all remained quiet.

It’s a game to me. Why the dopers want to know when I exit my home I haven’t a clue. But they do.  All the alarms are set each and every day, and night. The problem, they are finding, is when I figured out what was going on I deliberately plotted random times to expose myself to the noises.

And the animals have died out one by one.  There use to  be ten.

Now only one or two.

I’ve spoken with the village council members and they claim, in spite of my stated belief, that the real bums about paying their bills are the dopers. The village pointed out that it isn’t the dopers in arrears, it is the alcoholic’s.

I suppose then that the dopers have the money for the toy’s they play with and allow me to play with them also – although, with the decline in participating members, either through getting tired of getting up at three a.m. to turn off the alarms, or their neighbors, less heavily involved with slumber that are bothered with the dogs and chickens at that hour and who are not hesitant to voice displeasure, one would not inquire.

It’s a village thing.

No one would think of telling me that they know their neighbors perform such acts – “I don’t want those people over to my place.” , nor would I tell them I know what their neighbor’s do.

So. They suffer my early morning forage’s out the back door. And the daily, during working hours even, exits and entries to the patio.’

I look forward to my early morning sojourns.

Tomorrow is Christmas. The season of religion and forgiving and cheer and congeniality.

You all have a Merry Christmas.  One and all.

I know I will spread the spirit  at three a.m.. Just because I know I can.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The federal agency responsible for ensuring that voting machines are secure from hackers was hacked itself, according to security researchers at Recorded Future who discovered a file of log-in credentials for the network of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission for sale on the “dark web.”

Geekly Update

Another pleasant day. Dog is enjoying the outdoors – the tweedy birds less so. Their feeders are within Dogs range. I feed the on the ground.

Renter is unhappy with the south fence – he wants it tighter. That is reasonable, I haven’t really worked on that fence (outside repairing where the car went into it) for fifteen years and the cattle have been pushing outward to get to the fruit trees I planted along there.

Unforeseen consequences there.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Tuesday, December 20,, 2016

Wichita TV personality attacked by dog in elevator

Longtime Wichita television personality R.J. Dickens was in the emergency room Monday night after being …

Well, there is still some doubt as to the quality of the broadcasts, I suppose.  It could have been the cologne.

Snow is on the way out Two days of clear skies, little wind has turned the snow into mud. The weather nodders indicate that the weekend has a good chance of bad storms, some storms, but colder for sure.

That’s a nod to winter.

Dog gave me the hang dog face last night while I was fixing hamburgers for myself. I fell for the sad eyed routine. Gave him half a burger

This morning at five-thirty a.m. sharp I find sixty pounds of slpbber on my chest reminding me that it is normal time – get up, get up.

Each urging encouraged by another slobbery swipe.

He didn’t get a burger for breakfast. Just the same old, same old dried food.

He didn’t appear that hungry. Poor thing.

I had breakfast steak and eggs. He went outdoors. It was cold.

The county got another new deputy sheriff. It’s amazing how many of the deputies want to be first a patrolman and then directly into the Sheriff’s job. Few of them can name all the county commissioners, have a monies backer known to the general populous, have anything beyond a H.S. GED and a smattering of education in criminal justice from the State police (I think that’s a two week course).

Some how the deputies that get defeated in the elections for the Sheriff’s office don’t understand being respected by the no=goodnics is no recommendation for the higher office so they quit the force and move to another area and make the same effort again.

They seem to forget they trail their baggage with them. Without adding further education to their resume.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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