Wednesday, March 02, 2016

“We want it just for this one phone,” the FBI told a California judge in its successful request for an order compelling Apple to create a backdoor in its iOS software. Now it seems there are at least 12 other iPhones the government wants to use that software on.

Which makes the lies told to judges and what the FBI appears to want by dragging Apple into the halls of a dizzy Congress a bit odd. Uh, business as uaual for a government entity.

I don’t think the organization is in doubt about its motives, I just don’t think they think the average skeptic is smart enough to see through the smoke.

I’ve got one more blurb hanging about somewhere. Hang on:

New York City has launched a network of free public WiFi hotspots housed in obsolete payphone booths. Each hotspot also includes a landline offering free calls to anywhere in the U. S., two USB charging ports, a tablet for accessing the Web, and a red 911 button for emergency calls.

And here I thought that NYC was trying to get rid of the homeless. Can’t you just see five or six hanging about a fire contained in a trash can or fifty five gallon barrell honking on a stolen lap top, checking the status of their relief checks and conversing on the sad state of the Yankee’s and Red Sox?

The excerpts are from Rankins Geekly Up date. 

Sometimes he comes up with really good ones. This was that.

Trump said he had the ability to change aspect as the need arose. Last night he turned Presidential on us. Poor Christi. Trujp shouldna treat a man that way, he’ll lose his devotion if pushed too far.

Of course, I’ll reserve judgment until I see what the price Trump paid for the bought and sold politician.

Cheap at the price or expensive.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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