Friday, August 14, 2015

Grateful, I am for a day off.

I got some necessary ting accomplished.

The village remains fairly quiet. The latest round of police deeds have finally yielded some results. Pity none of the charges were of major proportions – although the endless little transgression were also endlessly wearing.

This morning it sounded as if one of the frustrated transgressors was biting his own wrists. A series of shots, at about five in the morning. Small caliber, semi-automatic stuff. Without knowing absolutely, there is only one family living over where the shots originated, and only two of those fill the possibilities.

Awfully dark this time of year at that time of morning.

Amazon is doing wonderful things with their system. They had some dog treats on sale and I ordered a quantity. Amazon told me it would be about a week getting to me, and two days later it arrived at my door.

They’ve sneaked their brand into local stores it seems and the locals ship on an Amazon order.

That did surprise me a bit, even knowing they do that on paper books. I wasn’t aware they would do it with pet treats. What did surprise me was the postage was the same as if Amazon was shipping the order from heaven – even though it came from Wichita.

The Co-Op has declared the wheat harvest over. So I went out and drove about. Lots of wheat still in the fields. I know it is normally in by this time of year, but some are very slow this year. 

While they were declaring a harvest over the Co-Op indicated that they are tired of carrying past dues. These past dues, they say, are now cash and carries. No store credit beyond sixty days.

The public declaration is probably two years beyond due. While the Co-Op does say they haven’t a cash flow problem, and there doesn’t seem to be indicators among the employees of it, the depression years have normalized or are behind us, so folks should now pay up and quit farming on the cuff.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

About tenwhiskey

User tenwhiskey is also the author of this blog. He currently lives in small town Kansas in a semi-retired condition. His kids are married and gone (thank you). An empty nester. Divorced. Very happy with life as it is. Ten Mile maintains a personal blog here, writing of events as they appear to him; commentary, and opinions abound. He deviates into fiction as the mood strikes and creates flash fiction stories and short stories. He will not warn the reader when he drifts from fact to fiction. He feels adults are, generally, smart enough to figure out which is which. He does, however, attempt to make his fiction sound as true to life as possible. You have been warned. He, as time permits, writes and occasionally sells writing. More often than not he gives it away to various non-paying publishers of Ether Magazines, forums or for entertainment on a wall for in need of a hand friends. He likes candy, pies and a certain amount of strife. In the matter of strife - in his yourth on the farm, he became embroiled in a slinging fight. The fight involved lath as a launcher, fresh cow patties as ammo and it was a six way free for all. A little mud only adds (Umm?) a certain taste to life.
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