Tuesday, June 09. 2015

One of the longest remaining stands of buildings in the village is this one:


I’m not certain of its early history. Some of the old black and white show it (the corner building) as a grocers or drug store. I’ve never seen the second floor used, though as a customer I’d never had cause to ask or attempt to find out.

The second store front to the right is another building, even though under the same awning, or porch roof. That second building was acquired by the grocer in my time here in the village and he turned it into  the freezer/cooler room, the side where he kept the veggies and most every thing other than meats and canned goods.

That acquisition was an attempt to expand and become your ‘everything’ store when the economy of the village started down hill. That was almost twenty years ago now. We lost the Doctor, the veterinarian, the funeral home and rumors of the school closing made ears twitch. The hardware store was showing signs of failure and more and more the village was being run by the mayor on a break even basis, and the council was made of friends of the mayor to met the requirements of the village charter.

The houses round about the town were being taken over, more than ever, by dopers and friends of dopers that didn’t pay their bills and utilities. Most utilities were village owned, which meant that the village had to petition the State to pay the village the arrears and then have the State collect the bills, then the village had to evict the persons that had already absconded.

A descending spiral of poverty.

More on the grocery tomorrow.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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