Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And so it is Wednesday. Housekeepers day to visit.

She did. She’s looking old. I’m not sure what is bugging her. Maybe her vacation will allow her some rest.

They have finished, she told me, the State paid for upgrades on the interior of the library – she cleans the library three times a week. It has been almost everyday during the up grades to the joint.

This week, she said, the tour buses will be arriving. It seems that since the library was one of the first to receive grant money from the state they must now be included in the weekly tours by groups interested in newly renovated library’s.

Housekeeper swears she will not be present when the tour bus arrives and have to endure the experience.

I believe, however, that she will be dead in the middle of it, as the librarian has shown signs of summer sniffles and Housekeeper is a personal friend, and Housekeeper is just that kind of person.

She’ll be ready for her vacation. I’m sure.

Ark City woman arrested for domestic battery

An Arkansas City woman was arrested Thursday night for allegedly battering a man and threatening him with a knife, according to a press release from the Arkansas City Police Department. Randi Shae Hernandez, 24, of Arkansas City, was arrested on

Having been threatened by irate women with knives before, a couple of times, really, I cheer for lock-em up.

I wonder if the dude slept there that night.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey 



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