Monday, November 03, 2014

Quite a weekend.

Manning and the Broncos were pretty well schooled in football fundamentals by a superior team. Bet Payton wished for receivers like his team faced. Those studs had glue on their hands.

One writer, from Boston, wrote that Manning put up great numbers, but that was like saying the Titanic’s band played well (wish I could say something that neat).

And the ‘Skins slipped blocks and collapsed pockets. I’ve said about all I need yesterday.

The BBC carried a report o1n the Virgin accident. Seems the Co-Pilot activated the “feathers” at an inappropriate speed. The video clip said he deployed the handle that activated the feathers at 1.0 Mach, when they were not to be deployed below 1.4 Mach.

The feathers, being the tail section that rotates upwards and forces the nose of the craft to the correct re-entry attitude.

Why a pilot would activate a mechanism that forces the nose down, while under power and climbing, would need to be answered. It might be simply inadvertent, but seems to take more than one movement and deliberate effort to activate. More probable is the training error somewhere in their procedures.

A highly suspect thing known as Mach Tuck may have played a part, as well as the sudden pitch change in attitude would.

Mach tuck was described as approaching Mach the nose un-controllably pitching down and under with the results demonstrated by the Virgin re-entry vehicle and that claimed more than one pilot as the faster aircraft were introduced and we learned the bitter lessons.

Whether the feathers actuator should be locked out of the system while the engine is burning or running is an engineering call, and not being an engineer, I still think it a good idea. But then there is nothing keeping a normal pilot of an airline from putting the thrusters in reverse while in flight – other than training and an at tentative Co-Pilot.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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