Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Heard about the dra-mama care extension – two weeks for the average citizen; a year for businesses; un-ending for unions and Congress?

Yeah. Me too.

But what the news does not address is the un-ending political football all these exemptions will be in the future.

I mean, twenty years from now a party of politicians will be saying, vote for us or we’ll take away your health care. Bitch about the pot holes and we’ll raise taxes. . . been there. They’re still doing that.


Anyhow, we received our natural gas bills for the first ten days of their take-over. I was asked if their promise was good of lower rates. I extrapolated and had to admit that they were of dra-mama level true.

That is: don’t believe what you’re told

And, guess what. Kindle got an up date. I couldn’t seem to find the proper way of  getting it, so I purchased a Kindle unit – in spite of asking IT folks “Kindle, Nook or Pad” and getting their answer of Pad.

Amazon promised I’d get mine sometime around the last week of April.

Which didn’t help at all, really. I had a partially read eBook on the Kindle PC. Back to the web search and I told it my problem. It, Bing, took about three seconds to give me a big list and I took about twenty minutes making my choice and clicked.

The choice up-dated Kindle PC and displayed my partially read book before I realized anything was going on.

Wish I could save money that quickly.

Drove the fence line yesterday. Two breaks, one downed tree. The calves are due sometime in April. The grass isn’t green yet in the pasture, I didn’t mow last year after the calves left so the lawn is greening and growing and already needs mowing, and the pasture is brown, brown.

I’ll prep the regular lawn mower tomorrow and exchange the tiller for the tractor mower. Then I’ll think about how badly I really want the pasture scalped.

It’s too bad I’m so lazy.

Why don’t I do it today, you ask? Well, it’s thirty-one degrees today and suppose to be warmer tomorrow.

Lazy doesn’t mean crazy.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

About tenwhiskey

User tenwhiskey is also the author of this blog. He currently lives in small town Kansas in a semi-retired condition. His kids are married and gone (thank you). An empty nester. Divorced. Very happy with life as it is. Ten Mile maintains a personal blog here, writing of events as they appear to him; commentary, and opinions abound. He deviates into fiction as the mood strikes and creates flash fiction stories and short stories. He will not warn the reader when he drifts from fact to fiction. He feels adults are, generally, smart enough to figure out which is which. He does, however, attempt to make his fiction sound as true to life as possible. You have been warned. He, as time permits, writes and occasionally sells writing. More often than not he gives it away to various non-paying publishers of Ether Magazines, forums or for entertainment on a wall for in need of a hand friends. He likes candy, pies and a certain amount of strife. In the matter of strife - in his yourth on the farm, he became embroiled in a slinging fight. The fight involved lath as a launcher, fresh cow patties as ammo and it was a six way free for all. A little mud only adds (Umm?) a certain taste to life.
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