Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kansas veteran tackling the wilds of Alaska

Watkins says this Alaska adventure is helping him conquer post-traumatic stress disorder.  The Topeka native was nearly killed in Afghanistan , but says war was easier than life after war.  To help him deal with the psychological after-effects, he’s working to qualify for the one-thousand-mile dogsled race.

He also plans to climb Mount McKinley.

There are so many things wrong with the entire concept of this guy it is ridiculous. It is not necessarily wrong with the guy himself – I don’t know him. Nor is there anything wrong with the goals in and of themselves.

What’s wrong is finding something inadequate with the civilian, and thinking challenges are the way to “cure” an internal disorder. Physical  challenges aren’t the answer for sure.

For one thing the Iditarod mushers are some of the most pampered non-working mushers in the world. They are sportsman, dog breeders, and race for cash and sponsorship beenies on well prepared courses. The NASCAR of of the North.

As far as climbing mountains goes, I suppose t:at is a personal thing also. There’s hardly  a mountain worthy of a reputation that hasn’t been climbed, scaled, flown over and probably photographed.

I wish a retired Vet the best in everything, but claiming veteran ship to launch himself to prominence verges on cheating and asking to be forgiven losing based on his “hardship” in advance is questionable.

Rock Star Status, indeed.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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