Monday, July 29. 2013

It’s Monday, again. That day when the Cialis is wearing off and thoughts of actually earning the money to support the weekend life style set in. A shameful awakening. It must have been a wonderful weekend, however, for some. American Thinker writers came out this morning with some dozy’s. Here’s an excerpt:


There’s only a political deal brokered by the Clintons: Weiner would marry Huma, Hillary’s top aide, to stop increasingly uncomfortable attention to Hillary’s intimate relationship with her. In turn, the Clintons would back Weiner’s bid to be New York mayor.

When the pathetic Weiner committed a complete Twitter-ectomy of his Congressional career, The Plan temporarily derailed. But scandals that would force the rest of us to quiver in lifelong shame are mere temporary annoyances for this lot.

Weiner was soon back, sexting worshipful females and running for the Right Honorable Flasher of New York, with the help of his lovely bride. And if it hadn’t been for that mean Sydney Leathers, they might have gotten away with it.

Of course, as the nation finds itself transfixed by Weiner’s very public privates, the media studiously ignores the real scandal: Huma Abedin is a Muslim Brotherhood asset, planted at the highest level of national power.

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It’s been a wonderful weekend for Mass Transit, world wide. It has. Bus wrecks have killed over fifty, High Speed rail caught up several more. I won’t speak about aviation claiming a few and private boats doing in a couple more.

It made me think of dra-mama wanting high speed rail for the U.S., and his trips to FLA to get energy behind it; until we found out he likes to fly in the big blue and white aeroplane and play golf.

But there is the on-going effort to put one in place on the ever shifting CA landscape. Out across the mountains and deserts.

I’m told they want Sub-ways that span earth faults out there also – that’s high thrill stuff, really. I keep thinking of the California tar pits, and the theory’s of oil formation. One, the common one, is compressed swamp land. The other, supported more readily by earth fault maps, concerns oil formation in areas of high compression through catastrophic earth movement – whether through asteroid strikes or Techtronic plate movement.


I’m so cheerful today. Newman won the NASCAR Indy 400. A homeboy win. And I got paid Friday. Well, it’ll get better. It’s stopped raining (for a while. FOX weather guessers tell me Ks and Ok are prime for T-Storms later today).


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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