Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak works (in a lab)

A miniature version of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak now exists, though it works only in microwave light, and not visible light, so far.

Still, it’s a nifty trick, and the physicists who’ve created the new cloak say it’s a step closer to realizing the kind of invisibility cloak that could hide a person in broad daylight.

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Well. It certainly proves my ability to critically think, I’ve been mulling various folks on the web agonize over others using “screen names” rather than their own. It’s a cowards means of hiding, they say, and others, without saying much, go out of their way to discover who xxx might be and then to publish the true names.

Way back when, and it is becoming popular again, the use of screen names was a security measure. The idea being, of course, to publish as few personal items as possible and then only what the writer might deem necessary.

In fact, if one travels about the web somewhat, one finds the “new” hiding place is behind one’s email address. That’ll be the thing that identifies one to the site.

I guess, then, that it is not the use of screen names that makes others mad, but the idea of someone hiding behind one makes others feel they’re not trusted with the personal information of ones name.

They’re probably correct. Forgetting as they do that they themselves are an unknown quality to the writer, and not, therefore, to be trusted with personal information. Cheap shots, they say, are easy to take when you hide behind . . . whatever.

The resentment then is from the inability to ‘see’.

Armies hide, it’s called camouflage. Illegal acts are performed from hiding, they’re called ambushes. And so forth.

I’ve noticed that hackers, performing the act of exposing others, do not care to reveal their true name and use an alias, and seem to resent to the max when their cover is blown.


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Ten Whiskey

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