Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thousands without power as second major snow storm wallops Missouri, Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The second major snowstorm in a week battered the nation’s midsection Tuesday, dropping a half-foot or more of snow across Missouri and Kansas and cutting power to thousands. Gusting winds blew drifts more than 2 feet high and created treacherous driving conditions for those who dared the morning commute.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/weather/2013/02/26/thousands-without-power-as-second-major-snow-storm-wallops-missouri-kansas/#ixzz2M0p2Kvz6 

Yes. Of course, this poor sod was in the middle of the HISTORIC, STORM OF THE . . ., I mean, yeah, the power went out here during the storm. About three thirty am or so. Stayed off until around seven – actually 0654 hours.

The guys got it going again, as this attests. We’re fine. Except —

Well. You see, there was . . .

Well. A problem.

There was.

When the power went out the surge protectors on the TV and the computer power sources started beeping like they will. The micro-wave does it also.

The alarms are calculated to draw attention. It doesn’t matter whether you’re asleep or not.

So I got up.

My getting up meant the dog got up. The dog getting up meant the dog needed to go outside.

The dog going outside meant his business was done when he barks. I let him back in.

I took him to the door, opened the door. It was cold air and hope the dog was bursting = which meant he’d tend to business and get it over with.

Hooked dog up to the cable, closed door behind dog. Blew my stopped up nose (I’ve had a severe cold for a week now. Well, I’m over the cold, but the stuffed up sinus remains and is painful. God, but I’m a downer mess this morning.).

Any how, the dog went silent out there. No barking or anything after five minutes, so I trucked back to the door, wrapped as I was in my blanket with the hole cut in the middle. My version of a serape.

Opened door, called dog; dog came running. Running I saw from a small black something that was chasing him.

Dog cleared the door. I slammed the door when he cleared it. He was inside, the power off house couldn’t heat all that outside stuff. Without thinking I grabbed Dog and hooked his collar and reached to un-clip the cable (which I did)..

And reflexively released the Dog into the house, opened the door to hang the cable back on the outside hook.

I was looking down to see where to place my foot in the snow, not to fall you understand. That’s when I realized the small black object chasing Dog was taking a victory lap on the back steps, tail raised, ready to spray me.

I hastily closed the door, found dog, confirmed dog had been intimidated by a skunk.

I caught him rubbing himself clean, as best as possible, in the middle of my King Sized Bed.

So, we sat. Me in agony of  fresh cut grass (which is what skunk smells like to me. What that means is fresh cut grass smells like fresh cut grass – to me).

Now that the power is back on I’m beginning to wash the clothes and sheets and blankets. Dog? He’s smelling pretty good actually. Thanks to Housekeeper. Yeah. I cleaned him off with shaving cream.

It works pretty well.

But I ran out finishing him. The house stinks.

Which is about like dra-mama’s declarations. I’m use to that.

More so, now.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

About tenwhiskey

User tenwhiskey is also the author of this blog. He currently lives in small town Kansas in a semi-retired condition. His kids are married and gone (thank you). An empty nester. Divorced. Very happy with life as it is. Ten Mile maintains a personal blog here, writing of events as they appear to him; commentary, and opinions abound. He deviates into fiction as the mood strikes and creates flash fiction stories and short stories. He will not warn the reader when he drifts from fact to fiction. He feels adults are, generally, smart enough to figure out which is which. He does, however, attempt to make his fiction sound as true to life as possible. You have been warned. He, as time permits, writes and occasionally sells writing. More often than not he gives it away to various non-paying publishers of Ether Magazines, forums or for entertainment on a wall for in need of a hand friends. He likes candy, pies and a certain amount of strife. In the matter of strife - in his yourth on the farm, he became embroiled in a slinging fight. The fight involved lath as a launcher, fresh cow patties as ammo and it was a six way free for all. A little mud only adds (Umm?) a certain taste to life.
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3 Responses to Tuesday, February 26, 2013

  1. Spot says:

    Hope both the dog and you are up on your shots. Never heard of a skunk chasing down its assailant. Wonder how febreeze works on interior skunk funk. That’d be a commercial!

  2. tenwhiskey says:

    Hi, Spot.

    While working mil K-9’s I had a skunk chase Baron (my killer K-9) and I fifteen hundred feet down the runway one night. Only time in my life I out ran a dog.

    But, having said it, your comment about frebreeze might have validity. I’ve the outter bed clothes in the dryer with frebreeze rags. The house is losing its oder. I was thinking I was just getting use to the smell, you understand.

  3. johnrailtime says:

    Have had good success with vinegar to eliminate the polecat odor.

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