Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fairway Going Public, New York-Area Supermarket Chain Files IPO

Huffington Post – ‎3 hours ago‎

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Fairway Group Holdings Corp. filed paperwork Monday to take its natural and organic grocery chain public, hoping to capitalize on the popularity of specialty grocers to build its chain.

Now, if testing has indicated “organic” food is simply more expensive and not more healthy, even considering the location of Ore., would you put you money into the chain – or in the brainwashing technic that convinced a whole generation.


I came across and article of fraud for somewhere in the neighborhood of 132 million dollars.  It concerned oil. Oil, in case one doesn’t know, has about the same reputation as Missouri timber cutters. That is not good.

All of the defendants were named. Yes. I did recognize a name or so. But most of all I was struck with the ages of the people involved. Having been so struck I thought I’d determine the average age:

62 + 58 + 63 + 68 + 62 + 58 + 57 = 61.14

Each is facing 20 counts, with the ringleader facing 30. If convicted, none will see freedom again.

Not having money invested in the case, why would I be interested? I had heard about the case before hand.

It just so happens, before anything was made general public knowledge, I was in the post office and three of our local “oil” persons were discussing the “What should I do?” best case.

The shortest one was the most concerned and worried. The largest of the group gave the best suggested action: “You’ll just have to do the best you can, I guess.”

The group made their separate ways out the only door; the smallest bouncing aff the jam in his blind concern.

The near neighbor happens to work primarily for the smallest person of that group. When the near neighbor needs pocket money beyond his welfare/SSI disabilities checks. And as odd as it may appear, near neighbors brother once worked for the smallest also.

Life is so odd at times, one could just s**t. Many years ago I’d flown a couple of the defendants from Wichita to in-state destinations. That was before they became aircraft owners in their own rights.


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From the reaches,

Ten Mile

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