Thursday, April 26, 2012

It is not necessarily odd, or anything, I suppose, but the following headline causes me to dwell on the differences between youth, middle age and old.

Kansas governor relents on managed health care for the disabled

Kansas City Star – ‎11 hours ago‎

By BRAD COOPER TOPEKA — In the face of hundreds of protesters outside the Capitol on Wednesday, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback agreed to delay plans to move thousands of developmentally disabled into a managed-care health plan.

One reads and hears about the American Dream and views the national press with jaundiced eye; listens to the debate of the Nanny State and, I guess, if wise, thinks about things.

The older generation wants health care because they know they didn’t save but spent (with the urgings of the national leaders – remember all the things government said we should support? Buy American, a take-off of Union Made the unions pushed for so long.)

Then there is the middle aged American, even the doctors and teachers and all the small business owners trying to sell, that find the elderly the money pit to exploit by providing the elderly with the things they’ve come to expect, but didn’t save for.

And now the young, that see what the elderly wanted, were raised (somewhat) to want and, more importantly, to expect, that have come to realize things aren’t well at all with that particular American Dream.

The one where work hard, and all will be well. Because working hard became work smart; but the idea of saving was shattered. That happened when the smarter ones worked smarter and found a Hansel and Gretel trail to lay.

Easy money. You’ve followed it if you borrowed and the lowered interest rates took you to the swamp. You’ve followed it if you did the start up and suffered the Dot Com bust; you’ve seen those new IRA’s suffer.

Umm. The smarter ones strew the crumbs and you followed – which might, if one wonders, mean that the dependency, the will to follow the herd, was educated into you from the cradle to the present by the elders, the middle aged.

And what, after all is the American Dream?


That’s it.

Nothing else.

And that is what is given up for the borrowing of money. The house mortgage. The new car. And keeping up with the Joneses.

Oh. And realizing at this date the democratic parties give free stuff, make them dependent, raise the minimum wage; and then have a sweet little old lady say “. . . earn more, they’ll pay more” (in taxes)(to the government)(for them to spend).

Life is good.

The American Dream was sold as a little house with a white picket fence (not).


That was the fight.

The word independence went the way of Bible, Christ (faith), Belief in one’s self and even self respect for ones ability to decide.

photoshare Garden xxxx VA sillygal   

I’m reading the reports of Courts of Laws deciding that States have rights. There’s a chance that obamacare will fail – which doesn’t mean the present medical care will have money as that’s been raped to support obamacare already.

But the idea is there.

It’s a shame the courts cannot do more to  assist the cause of Independence that the people have forfeit and haven’t the backbone to grasp for themselves – the old the trash needs to be picked up and thrown out, let the kids do it; the kids want to be paid to throw out the trash, the elders want the kids to do it and they’d rather not, without pay, even if the elders say : we cannot, we must pay the middle aged for the things we want and now need that we didn’t save for.

And the youth sue through the courts for the right not to throw out the trash.

And the courts sigh and grant the right, as a right.

All seemingly oblivious to the idea that independent persons in unity, belief, and faith, can dream – independently,

While the hive mind of socialism says you ain’t the boss of me and the boss of me says no one can be independent; while the smarter ones of the work smarter bunch smile and say: “you pick up that end of the board, and you pick up that end of the board and the others will pick up their ends of their boards and we’ll all carry the boards to where others will build me, my house, over there. And you there, the independent one – you carry the trash over there.”


From the reaches,

Ten Mile

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