Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Given promises made, I fully expected to have a full freezer by this time of the year. Not so, cried the voice. No so, says reality.

I’d really not believed the Renter would have reneged and still refuse to think it. But he is two weeks late on payment and not even a phone call.

It isn’t that I think badly of him, but it puts me in the quandary. Do I fill the freezer by other means or wait, not having room to store the goods if he does show up with the beef.

Decisions, decisions.

Yesterday I filled the blog with links to a story of the Governor and a HS girl. The story bothered me at a level deeper than the seemingly obvious one of a little person refusing to bow to pressures from a more powerful person.

My angst went slightly deeper of HOW the pressure was applied and HOW the Governor chose to do it, and HOW the ID of the kid was obtained in the first place.

My thinking was how’d the Tweet writer get ID’d. Did Twitter give the information of one of their users to the Governor? Did the kid put personal information on the net voluntarily: Was there a link to another site, like Facebook or other social media?

Then there’s the idea of the Governor using political clout through the educational system to bring embarrassment to an impressionable teen; to say very little of the current emphasis on bullying in schools and here’s a BIG bully doing his thing – for far more than lunch money at that.

So far, it sounds like the obama using the office to ruin Joe the Plumber as he did.

Well, the game is as old as protective politics anyway, but after posting I received a subscribed email from Bob Rankin,  Track a Cell Phone, which was a real treat, I must say.

It dealt with tracking a cell phone with down loadable programs. Not new – maybe. Read the article and find out it may be done without permissions. Then speculate with the idea of all those site that “find” folks.

It’s a pity a thing like the computer with all it’s benefits is first subverted to single enforcement of desires. About like a government that wishes to bring money to the under privileged first thinks to bulking up the law enforcement areas – even before bulking up the fire or medical sides of the equation.


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From the reaches,

Ten Mile

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