Wednesday, April 18, 2007

News Services directly interfacing the public sometimes suck beans
If’s and Maybe’s and Possible’s beyond the facts abound it seems
That the event occurred and who and where and when, if known, are not enough
Many minutes and column inches must be filled with hyperbole and fluff

I hate the pandering a couple of the FOX News reporters attempted to force the students to sensationalize their experiences; and have them “report” as news the experiences and emotions of friends of their friends that ‘might’ have been in this classroom or that.

During and after last years WSOP several of the Blog writers hinted (a couple came out and said it) that censorship by the Corporate Suits was in force.

This year has already started about the same way it seems. Pauly no longer has the ESPN gig. By the way, take that link for his today’s post – it might actually be one of his better pieces of writing.

Pauly, I’m not sure how you are going to get close to the WSOP without credentials – which is one of the reasons they have them – but I certainly hope you are given an assist from somewhere. I have little doubt the ‘what’ that comes from your site will be worth the RSS Feeds time of scanning. Why, I would even hit the refresh quite often just to keep up.

History repeats: The Harrahs controlling the press last year; the WPT controlling the ways and means of the reporters and taking control of the players image; and some years ago, NASCAR controlling the press by forcing the issue from NBC to the Speed channel and FOX.

Of course, we won’t mention the “Information Officer’s” that exist as a sub-set of culture.

It is remarkable the transformation the web itself has experienced in the past year, year and a half. Censorship has been forced on many area’s of the web. Chains forced upon free wheeling writers; court decisions making blog writers “reporters” – forcing responsibility for accuracy on them; politicians ducking for cover from “the blogs and blog writers”; and the established visual media actually reporting on the reports from various blogs.

And, of course, capitalism running rampant across the web – to politicians raising money on the tubes. Which brings up a point – and that is: At what point does a blog become a Lobbyist and fall under the laws controlling the donations from such.

It feels pretty good to be a Constitutionally protected species. It does not feel so good to be treated with suspicion, hidden from, confronted by evasions or out-right being shunned because of the possible harm one could bring.

Smart fellows, our constitution writers.

I do have to laugh, just a bit, mind, when I think about current educational mores. I’m fairly certain that most of those old fellows were Liberal Arts graduates.

A link of interest: Here

RC Fox is a tax consultant and Co – Author of two poker books. From time to time he posts tidbits from the financial world directly impacting your poker bankroll.

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Ten Mile

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