Tuesday, January 24. 2017

I’ve had several bad days lately. Mostly my fault for not looking before turning the corners.

Renter , in response to a request from me, brought over a song book. My idea is to copy several songs to a larger format. Renter had said he had several books from his school band days. He played trumpet.

I figured “Why not.” and told him to turn his dog loose.

He brought over, in addition, a hymnal. He knows my distaste with organized religion, but brought it over anyway. He pointed out the book was dedicated to his Grandfather on his fathers side.

I refused at first to take the book. He countered by saying he knew where the book was and that I’d probably take care of it.

Foolish person.

He told me he’d found it among a box of outdated books in the church basement. He’d just reached in and hauled out the book, blindly.

Which made me feel he was suppose to have the book, not I.

There is a web site that allows one to download musical staff programs. I will be able to print as many pages as I wish, in a size  I can readily use.

That’s a good thing.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Done, then.

A new President.

Memory watched as I watched the programing on the TV.

I listened to Truman as a youth giving a speech in Bremerton Wa. The critter spoke forever.

I saw him on his morning constitutional cross Penn Ave with his two body guards – he was larger then, than he appeared giving the speech.

Then I was around the corner of the Blair House  and peeking up the road when the Cubans attempted to kill  him (Truman) and watched the Cuban die under the gun.  I even watched the G-Man reload his revolver and put it in his overcoat pocket.

That scene stuck around awhile. And yes, Truman yelled out the window’ and security yelled right back from inside the stairwell.

I marched as the standard carrier for the Cadet Corp of Geo. Washington H.S. at the next Presidents (Ike’s First)  naugural parade.

Stood under the tail of AF One with a loaded shotgun for LBJ’s visit to Viet Nam. Putzed about on various mobile units when Presidents visited various parts of the world and my unit was nearby.

I’m not unique. There are lots of folks with history. Heh.

It’s just that my history watched as I watched and I’m left wondering why I’m wondering what the future will bring – something that’s never really happened before.

I’ve always left feeling the world would remain the same.

Not this time.

Although, I’m not pessimistic about the situation.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Most of the action is in Washington D.C. today. I’ve been watching some of the coverage.

While watching I’m reminded, what with all the Trump – ish stuff being shown, that Trump and the Democratic  sicko folks are like Desert and Dinner in the dictionary.

Desert comes first.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cool, not cold. No ice, that is all gone and it was fairly light.

The teen-age children were out in P/U trucks and on four wheelers trying to cut donuts and power slides. Some had lights on and some didn’t. I didn’t know that lights were optionl on public roads at one in the morning.

I kept waiting for one or more to turn over, but none did. Pity.

I tore a muscle (proving that I still have some) by slipping on the ice and grbbing an up-right. I have no excuse for being out on the ice walking about, not really.  I suppose I didn’t have my lights on either.

The Democrats  wallow in self pity. The Frump and family appear to be covering their asses in the foundation as fast as they can shovel. She is playing the pity me card well. The first thing you know she will be attending the festivities for Trump and being gracious.  But first, cover the crap in the Foundation with dirt.

Still it is a kitty litter box and hasn’t been clean for years.

What I would like to know, is simple. Who or What woe the Blacks up to the reality of the Democrats being a nemesis  rather than a friend of the race. What massive idea jabbed them in the butt and actually sparked an original thought in the mass “poor slave ancestor me.”.

Maybe in another hundred years one will be able to carry on a conversation with a black without worrying about injuring their preconceived.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Notice the date? A Phobia day.  I’m not sure which one and am too lazy to google the answer. But I’m sure it is one of those days.

Yesterday started Wednesday evening. It did.

I was sitting here in the ratty middle management chair, half asleep, fending off Dog’s entreaties to go out, when the phone rang.

Totally unexpected.It gave me a jolt and a tingle up my leg, you understand. Slightly envigorating to say the least.

“Yes,” I said. I always answer  the phone that way. As I’ve explained before, you called me and I responded. That’s only polite.

“Ten, it’s Renter’s Wife.”

“Yes. Yes.”

“We have weather coming in. Ice and more ice. If you need groceries you’d better get some. Renter is going to El Dorado to pick up the mule.. You could ride along with him and pick up what you need on the way home. You pay the best prices in the village, and the Dillon Store has bargings and bargains’ all you need to do is go to their site and enlarge the pictures and . . .”

“Renter Wife. Do you ever breathe?”


“Do you ever breathe? You’ve over loaded my hearing apparatus. Slow down, one subject at a time and carry on.”

“Oh. Okay. Tomorrow the truck comes in. They will be dropping off about two thousand pounds of food for the food pantry. You want to help unload the truck and store the fppd and then hand it out when we open in the afternoon.”

“Ah.  What time will the truck arrive?”

“Oh, Renter can pick you up and take you down to the truck, you understand. He’s taken the day off  from work and after you unload the truck you can ride along with him and get the mule.”

You can  hear some snake oil sales man in all of that can’t you?

I mean, I did.

But I said, “What the hell. Let’s see what this is all about. I said okay.”

And there by screwed my Thursday day all to by-golly.

I ended the “help unload the truck” being the one to unload the pallets in the wind and ten degree weather, hoisting the pacages onto the slide down to the basement storage areas. They had three men down there.

Then I found out that we had seven hundred pounds of potatoes to unload.

Thoughts of pleading old age, infirmities and down right laziness raced through my mind. Then I found out we had also gotten twenty cases of apples.

Food Banks are run by Nu-tra Systems of weight loss.

I’ve rethought the seven dollar fee ATT charges for caller ID. I think I’ll have it re-installed in my phone and never, ever, answer Renters Wife’s calls again.

And, Yeah. We did get the mule back.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I’ve been watching the confirmation hearings on Sessions. Before the election year I felt fairly confident I had a grasp of the various players.

Man. These critters are speaking of things I’ve not heard were going on.

And hinted at things going on that I wouldn’t care to think about, but they live with and seem to consider everyday business. Bad business.

One  idea expressed almost from the first is Sessions will recuse himself if Hillary Clinton’s cases come to the justice department.

Wish he hadn’t said that; but thought gives me the answer. As a Senator he has dealt with the subjects before. his appointment as AG. An acceptable answer and motive.

Some of those people have very long memories – and memories for minutia. 



Clemson won the National Championship.

Good for them.



From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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Sunday, January 08, 2017

I’ve returned from my brothers town.

Brother had a kidney removed for cancer. He is now on daily machine care. They have also replaced a heart valve.

I think, without knowing, that ignorance of things medical is a blessing.

I started something when I put in the security cameras. Near neighbors trailer was recovered and then three other places  put in cameras. One of them was a village councilors and showered the cop shack with pictures of things unlawful. The cops have had a deal of fun with the little run wild teens over the the school holiday.

The parents of the shits have clamped down on them and things are almost peaceful.

I don’t expect  the peace to last. It takes a village to raise kids and until some of the super stupid parents smarten up the kids will continue to climb out windows and harass the neighbors.

We don’t even have a place for these kids to  go, really. No public basketball courts, no parks, pinball parlors, nothing.   Most of these kids haven’t a driver llicense and there are no  busses or other transportation.

There airn’t nothing to do.

Except make trouble.


From the reaches,

Ten Whiskey

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